Saturday, 4 January 2014

Am i here ?

Hi there,

This is me :) As i am hihi

January 1st is a day of resolutions...9 times out of 10 it is a health related resolution :) Stop smoking.... get more exercise...drink less....lose some weight...all of the above.

For me this is like a last chance resolution. I gained almost all of the 50 pounds i lost in 2011. It needs to come off and more and i need help.

I need your help and to reach everyone out mum and sister in the US and my sister and other family in Scotland, my aunt in England friends all around the world i am going to try blogging once more. 

I dont want to make it a boring blog about losing weight. I want to share everything with you,....however you may find that boring too.....

I will be posting about how i feel, recipes i have found and tried. If i can i want to share my mealplanning ('cause that works for me). I want to share stories about our daily life, the issues i run into with my son (who was diagnosed with ADHD en PDD-NOS in 2009) and his school, help, etc. I want to share almost everything hihi. I want to share my hobbies, i found a new hobby in aluminium jewellery :)

I will have several pages for you to check out :) Which you must to on a regular basis !

Back soon,
Huggles from Holland



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    1. You have always been there for me hunnie :) I am so grateful to you for that <3