Monday, 6 January 2014

Candy calling

Hi there,

So i am 7 days into my healthy start and i seem to be doing well. Planning is a must. I need to know what am i eating next. The powerstart recipes are quite good. They do seem to fill you up but i am not yet comfortable with the 'am i full yet' part.

Yesterday was a bad day. I was doing well had my breakfast and went to work. Around ten i was feeling peckish and had my banana...i guess i didn't wait long enough 'cause i grabbed my pear too. That was for afternoon snack. So after lunch when i went to pick up Yvano we went to the store, to get something for afternoon snack....which is just an excuse because we have loads of fruit at home ! Yvano got a chocolate bar, they were on sale, two for one, so he got two. I got grilled chicken wings and then a little bag of plain mixed nuts. So needless to say i ate both :( Yvano is not allowed two chocolate bars so one was put in the fridge.When marcel went out the chocolate bar started calling my name...darned thing wouldn't leave me alone. So i ate it, done with it. Getting back on track again today. Which is quite hard for me as i work from home today !

This photo was taken at the supermarket yesterday, they also had a knackworst (hotdog) sale. If you bought two cans you got this wooly hat free. Well we liked the hat so we got the knackworst and Yvano likes them so he is happy and i like the photo so i am happy :)

I guess i will just have to keep myself busy :) So plans for today !
- Get Yvano to school club
- Get breakfast
- Get a load of washing done
- Work from 07:30-10:00
- Buy gift for Yvano's doctor
- Take Yvano to last appointment at 11:00
- Take Yvano back to school
- Have lunch at 12:30
- Work from 13:00-14:45
- Pick Yvano up from school
- Work from 15:15-17:00
- Get dinner ready
- Tidy up dinner stuff and kitchen
- Get Yvano bathed and ready for bed
- Relax time

Pfewww wondering now if i got everything in. Also wondering if a busy week helps me stay on track or the rushing around makes it worse.
Today i have to work, tomorrow the builder is coming and a friend of yvano's  is coming to play, thursday i have to babysit, friday we do shopping, sunday we have to go and see Grandma.

Back soon :)
Huggles from Holland

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