Healthy meal ideas :)


One whipped egg white with a drop of sweetner, 10 mashed raspberries

Dessert rice with microwaved apple and cinnamon

Main course

Rice with nuts, 100% ground beef patty, stir fried mushrooms

Warm bean salad - greenbeans, tomatoes, potatoes and blocks of ham with balsamic vinegar

Shrimp salad made with quark and cajun spices placed on a salad and rye bread

Salad made with mixed lettice leaves, blocks of ham, orange and apple pieces.
Dressing 0% fat quark with 1 teaspoon of oriental herbs and spices


Rye bread with lettice, chicken and apple slices
0% fat yoghurt and apple (microwaved) with a little cinnamon

0% quark with fresh mango

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